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Sailing Rules of the Christchurch Yacht Club

  • On an ebb tide, no yacht shall sail seawards of the clubhouse unless she is returning directly to a launching area, or is entered in a low tide race, and a safety boat is on the water

  • When not racing or when racing and encountering another vessel not racing, yachts shall observe the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, and if in enclosed waters, any regulations pertaining to those waters

  • All club members intending to cross the Sumner Bar shall conform to the following rules, be responsible for determining the condition of the bar, and follow the advice and written recommendations available from the Rear Commodore (Keelers)

    • A suitable mooring shall be arranged prior to a yacht entering the estuary

    • Before crossing The Bar, a responsible adult ashore shall be advised of the yachts intentions 

    • All yachts shall have on board, ready for use, all recognised standard safety equipment appropriate to the yachts size and type

    • Skippers of yachts crossing The Bar shall be familiar with standard emergency signalling procedures

  • All races shall be sailed under the current edition of the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing and YNZ Safety Prescriptions

  • Two yachts steered by financial members of this club shall constitute the minimum for any race, except for open events, when two yachts steered by financial members of YNZ affiliated clubs shall constitute a minimum

  • In multiple starts, all yachts other than those in the current start shall keep clear of the start line until their preparatory signal 

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