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Boats Sailed at CYC



The International Optimist is one of the most common dinghy classes worldwide. They are a great boat for learning in, and have a large national following with national regattas attracting hundreds of boats from all over the country.


CYC has 6 fiberglass Optimists and 10 Plastic Optimists



The P Class was designed in New Zealand in the 1930's and has since gained a reputation as a great learning boat, due to it being overpowered and tricky to sail. The saying is; "If you can sail a P, you can sail anything"


CYC has three P Class dinghies 



The Firebug is much like the P Class, however, it is a more forgiving boat to sail. Due to the deep cockpit and high boom, it suits the taller sailor who might not fit in a P Class. Due to this, adults can sail Firebugs, and still be competitive in the fleet.

CYC has one Firebug, which is on loan to The Club



Brainchild of French sailor Baron Marcel Bich (Of Bic ballpoint pen fame) the Open Skiff is a high performance boat for young sailors. The class is all about going fast and having fun. 


CYC has 2 Open Skiffs, one of which was generously donated by Past-President of the Club, Lyndsey Ebert



The Starling is a New Zealand designed boat from Des Townson. It is a great stepping-stone boat between the junior and senior classes.


CYC has one Starling, which is a good quality race boat, with a further three Starlings on loan to The Club, with another two in progress



The Sunburst is a two handed boat, which carries two sails - a mainsail and a jib. They can also carry a spinnaker, however ours do not. They are great boats for learning two-handed sailing, or for parents to take their kids out on the water.


CYC has three sunbursts



Designed by Olympic Gold medallist, Jack Cropp, this boat is used for getting kids excited about double handed sailing, and going fast on the water. With its fractional gennaker, it goes quick off the wind, and in many ways is a precursor to the modern 29er and 49er dinghies

CYC has one Cropp 4.6



With over 200,000 boats worldwide, the Laser is one of the most common centreboard boats in the world. With three sail sizes, it allows progression as you improve, and provides good racing at all levels.


CYC has one club Laser, along with a full complement of sail sizes - effectively 3 different boats!



Another from designer Des Townson, the Zephyr is a New Zealand boat, suited to those who don't want to wrestle a Laser around the course. We have a good sized, competitive fleet at CYC, providing close, technical racing.


CYC has one club Zephyr



The Finn is the Olympic Heavy Mens Single-hander, and is a good option if you are at the top end of the weight range for a Laser. 


CYC doesn't have a club Finn



With a deepwater channel, and a floating pontoon, CYC is well set up for trailer yachts. The estuary is deep enough for small trailer yachts, and provides nice, flat water for racing.


Currently, two trailer yachts are on the fleet register, a Hartley 16, and a Pelin 16



Keelboats and launches up to 40ft can moor in Moncks Bay, on one of the 15 moorings in the channel. The club has a floating pontoon, Patent Slipway and workshop for use by keeler owners. Plus, you can drive right to the top of the pontoon gangway!


Located on the sunny side of the Port Hills, Moncks Bay is a great place to keep your boat

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