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Frequently Asked Questions


How expensive is sailing?

Sailing can be as expensive or inexpensive as you choose to make it. The Club has a sizable fleet of boats you can sail, and buoyancy aids for you to wear, so your costs are only those for membership and for your sailing gear


When is the sailing season?

Our season at CYC runs from mid-September through the summer to mid-April. We race almost every weekend, on Sundays and have coaching and further instruction courses on Saturdays


I have a child who is interested in learning how to sail, where can I find more information?

We have a page on our website with information about our Learn to Sail courses. Or, come on down to the club during the season and have a chat with our coaches


I'm an adult, and I want to Learn to Sail, can you help me?

Unfortunately we are not currently offering Adult learn to Sail courses, however, if you want to know more about sailing, or have a boat you want help with to get set up, come along to one of our race days and have a chat with our members.


Im struggling to get in contact with The Club - whats going on?

The Club is run entirely by volunteers, so it may take some time to get back to you with your queries. Remember that we sail both days, every weekend during the season, so just come down and have a chat with us, and we'll be happy to help you out.


Does The Club have any moorings available to rent?

Yes. The club owns two moorings in Moncks Bay, one of which is always available for hire. We also have contacts with the other mooring owners in the bay, and can put you in touch with the owner of an available mooring. 


Do I need a Club uniform, or a jacket on to be able to attend club events?

No. At CYC we are a relaxed, family-orientated club, and we welcome visitors and new members at all times. Gaining membership is as simple as filling out our online registration, and paying the reasonable Membership fees. You don't even have to dress up for the after sailing events, although a tidy standard of dress is encouraged

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