Standing rules of the club

1. On an ebb tide no yacht shall sail seawards of the Clubhouse unless:

a. Returning directly to a launching area.

b. Or entering in a low tide race, (provided a patrol boat is on duty) when “Standard Sailing Instructions”will apply.


2. “Standard Sailing Instructions” are displayed in the Clubhouse and shall apply to all races, together with any         amendments or additions displayed on the course board.


3. The R O may delay starting times:

a. To give separate starts for any classes or divisions;

b. Awaiting slack water for low tide races.


4. Race entries must be made on the entry forms provided 30 mins prior to the start of the race. For Mark Foy starts a handicap number shall be obtained from the Starters Box.


5. For all races held under the auspices of the CYC, all competitors must launch and recover from The Club. All sailors must sign on and off the water.


6. On the bar series format is dependant on the conditions prevailing on the day of the race.


7. ES Estuary Start Allow 30 minutes to get to the start line.